Everyone knows plastic is bad…so why are M.O.B. travel bottles made from it?

Humans, in general, do not cope well with change. It can unsettle us, increase anxiety and make us feel demotivated. Climate change could fast become a BIG, unavoidable change we are unprepared for. For the first time in our history we are at the tipping point of being able to slow down that change, if not hopefully stop it, otherwise risk damaging our planet beyond repair. But how do we do this, in particular when it comes to reducing plastic consumption? 

The movement bringing damning coverage of plastic waste to the front of our news pages and spread across social media to raise awareness is admirable. But we cannot expect EVERYONE to overnight ditch all plastic in their lives and make people feel guilty every time they buy something associated with plastic. We can’t see families buying into metal, wood or glass barbies and action men anytime soon. Or taking suncream in a metal bottle on a hot beach. Should surgeons re-use the same pair of plastic gloves for all their operations? Plastic, was invented as a safer alternative to glass and metal for transporting and making products and was also seen as more environmentally friendly to transport, due to its lightweight and flexible properties. 

We believe the focus on encouraging more people to take control of their plastic consumption should be on re-using, recycling and reducing plastic, but where possible and practical. If each person globally made just one change in their lifestyle to help the environment, each action would be meaningful in supporting the fight against climate change. It’s ok if you become a vegan, but still like to use your liquid conditioner, because it leaves your hair healthier and in better condition than if you were to use a soap conditioner. Or to use a bamboo toothbrush with homemade toothpaste, but you use a plastic wire to charge your phone, plugged into a plastic socket because, let’s be frank, no one wants to get electrocuted!

We need to find a way to balance the aspects of our lives, which can be altered to help the environment, without changing too much too quickly and becoming disincentivised to continue the journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle. 

Our travel bottles are made from plastic because this is the safest and most durable material to transport a wide variety of beauty, haircare and skincare products. To counter the fact our bottles are made from plastic, we have kept a very low carbon footprint. Plastic pellets are normally shipped from South America to China where plastic products are then made and shipped to the UK and the rest of the world. The plastic pellets for our bottles are shipped from Europe straight to the UK where our bottles are made. To go the extra mile to help the planet, the packaging our bottles arrived in was also made from recycled materials. 

We want to encourage people to reduce plastic waste when they travel by switching to our stylish reusable skin, hair and beauty travel bottles. Over 2 billion plastic hotel toiletry bottles are made every year and millions, if not billions of mini beauty, skin and haircare products are sold worldwide. Most of these bottles cannot be re-used or are so small they only last for one use so are useless to take on a weekend away or holiday. Plus mini versions can cost 8 TIMES the price of a full standard size bottle! If we reduce the demand for these products, companies will stop supplying them.

Help to save the planet (and your pennies!), make one change and #switchtomob

M.O.B. Collection travel bottles

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