M.O.B. is an acronym for 'My Own Brand', designed with the purpose of making it easier to take your beauty and skincare products on the go. After years spent lugging heavy product bottles around, leaky clear plastic travel bottles or spending a small fortune on throwaway product minis we decided to make a change! M.O.B. travel bottles are durable, attractive and moulded in a design which makes them easy to decant into AND get every last drop of product out.

DID you know mini beauty toiletries cost 8x the price of a standard size bottle?

M.O.B. Collection Suncream Travel Bottles



Suncream is notoriously one of the most expensive products to buy in a mini version. Save yourself a small fortune and decant from the large bottle of your favourite suncream into our travel size 100ml Suncream travel bottle.

Perfectly sized for weekends away, or even just to pop in your bag for a trip to the park or beach.

Also, did you know the UV rays from the sun can degrade the ingredients of suncream when stored in a clear bottle, therefore making it less effective? All our bottles are opaque to ensure you and your products are protected from the sun wherever you travel to.



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